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Our partners

Company Information

Alpha Ust-Luga LLC was founded in 2010. Being quite a young company we nevertheless are proud of our highly qualified staff which is the key feature and one of our main advantages. The high professional level of customs operations specialists, more than half of which have the qualification certificate of the Russian Federal Customs Service, allows us to provide the best quality services of any scope and type at the middle market prices.

The reliable customs agent with considerable experience is a guarantee of comprehensive financial, administrative and image risks management. The competent partner in customs operations field will help you to increase your business efficiency and significantly decrease the time required for achieving desired results.

Alpha Ust-Luga LLC is looking forward to becoming such a partner for you!

Alpha Ust-Luga LLC always follows the key principles of successful business:

  • Individual approach
  • Flexibility
  • Timely operation
  • Responsibility for the assumed obligations
  • Continuous development of staff’s qualification
  • Implementation of innovative software